It's Alive! Rubber Band Ball Takes On New Life After Being Sliced Open Video

This video has been getting quite a lot of attention recently so I how to make a rubber band ball with just rubber bands figured I should answer some of the questions people keep asking. As I am getting thru the rubber band ball, I find they snap and break even before surrounding an object. The best part for me is that the rubber bands are in a ball and not loose How To Make A Rubber Band Ball EASY in a box or bag which inevitably means they would spill out and make a mess. So buy a bag of small rubber bands and either get a ball of paper or bend a rubber band a few times.

I saw this when it was put on the web and looked at the comments, I was so discouraged to make it. I don't have a monster tale (like everyone else) but made on that bounces so so so high. I love the colours that I made it. My friend wants to make one to but she does not have a monster tail. It might stretch your bands a little more because the rainbow loom is obviously bigger than the monster tail though.

In 2004 in the UK, following complaints from the public about postal carriers causing litter by discarding the rubber bands which they used to keep their mail together, the Royal Mail introduced red bands for their workers to use: it was hoped that, as the bands were easier to spot than the traditional brown ones and since only the Royal Mail used them, employees would see (and feel compelled to pick up) any red bands which they had inadvertently dropped.

Prevent the Mixing Spoon from Sliding into the Bowl - Wrap a rubber band around the upper part of the spoon's handle just above the point at which the spoon touches the rim of the bowl. Insulate Electrical Current - Rubber bands can act as insulators for low wattage electrical current. Wrap a rubber band around an exposed region of a wire (before the wire is live). Design Fancy Easter Eggs - Wrap several rubber bands in different directions around the eggs before dunking them in the Easter egg dye.

In the video, he starts off with only rubber bands, but if you find it easier, I'd also suggest wrapping the rubber bands around a rolled up ball of tin foil. Now pick up a rubber band and wrap it round the ball tightly, looping the rubber band if you have to. For the next bag you might want to get a size larger so that the bands will still fit round your now larger ball.

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